Sunday, May 3, 2015

A letter to NISD Teacher...Thanks!!

To all NISD teachers,
Last Friday night, I had the wonderful privilege of introducing our newest NISD Teachers of the Year at our INSPIRE Celebration.  The room was full of exemplar educators from all over our District, and the winners, Maggie Walsh from Beck Elementary and Joanna Kysar from Chisholm Trail Middle School are both well deserving of such an honor.  Besides recognizing each school’s own Teacher of the Year, we said good-bye to our retirees that have served our District so well for so long.  It was quite a night and everyone there was worthy of recognition.
On the eve of “Teacher Appreciation Week”, I can’t help but believe that everyone that was recognized at INSPIRE would tell you that there are many more back on their campus that are just as deserving, if not more.  Part of that comes from the selfless nature of so many teachers, but part of it also comes from the high quality people we work with in NISD. 
We started the year with a goal of providing “dynamic learning experiences” for our students and I believe we have succeeded greatly.  From my perspective, I get to see and hear about so many wonderful experiences and accomplishments of our students and there are great teachers behind every single one of them.  This year our students have traveled all over the country, from New York to California, because their teachers have pushed them and provided them opportunities beyond many of their wildest dreams. NISD teachers do more than a job, NISD teachers change the world! You should be appreciated!  Not just this week, but every day!
Teaching is a hard job.  One of the hardest you can find. People leave our profession at an alarming rate. I know many of you quite well and others I do not know at all, but one thing I hope we all have in common is the desire to make the daily lives of our students better. Otherwise, this would really be a thankless occupation. Many people outside of education don’t appreciate the difference you make, but as a parent with three children in NISD, I know how much you mean. The “dynamic experiences” my kids have lived this year are countless and their growth is amazing.  I believe there are 20,000 others just like them….kids that love their school and love their teachers. 
This week, as much as any other, I hope you feel appreciated.  I hope that one of those students that looks up to you everyday finds a way to let you know just how much you have meant to them.  Or maybe that parent that hasn’t quite been happy all year finally sends an email just to say “thanks”. Even if neither happens and you go through the week just as you would any other….please remember that you are making a huge impact on a future you many never see. I hope that is enough and I hope you know you are appreciated.   Thanks for all you do!