Thursday, May 29, 2014

Night of No Limits: Authentic Learning on Display #nisdnonl

Tonight my school district (Northwest Independent School District) pulled off an evening that quite frankly, if you were not there, I am not sure you can truly appreciate. We call it the “A Night of No Limits” and that is truly what it was!  Over 1000 students ranging from Kindergarten thru 12th grade were nominated by their campuses to share their learning, but it was much more than an open house. It was both a display and a celebration of authentic learning.  Our students experienced and applied “real” learning. There were so many wonderful examples that the excitement literally could be heard up and down the hallways. I listened to a group of first grade students explained the research they conducted on “What makes people smile” and watched high school students demonstrate robots and rockets they designed and built themselves.  Each group was confident and articulate about what they had learned and they were eager to share.

I was amazed and I wasn’t the only one. I heard one proud parent walking away sharing with another…”I had no idea my son knew so much…” I even had a principal share (with a tiny built of guilt in their voice), “How did I miss this going on at my own campus?”  I had to admit, that as much as I try to know what is going on, there were surprises at every turn tonight.

I am really proud to be in NISD.  I believe we have a great District and focus on providing the right kinds of learning experiences for our students. Tonight validated those beliefs.  Our teachers should be congratulated for providing learning activities to their students that allow the kind of experiences they had tonight. It truly was a Night of No Limits.
(for more picture and examples search #nisdnonl)